Vat Allocation

Vat allocation forms, show conditions and show exhibitor rules.


Vat Allocation

All previous exhibitors will automatically be send a vat application form from our Vat Allocation Officer. If you have not received
your application form by end of March 2019 please contact our Vat Allocation Office via email

All new show applicants please contact our Vat Allocation Officer for a vat application form and relevant documentation. Vats will be limited to one vat
per person, a second additional vat may be available if all 30+ vats are not allocated or cancellations arise. Cost of entry will be £35 per 6' vat and £40 per 8' vat..
All applications to be returned no later than end May 2019. Please note, Vat sizes are 6’ and 8’, due to the limited numbers of 8’ vats these will be allocated on a first come first served bases to exhibitors with larger koi.  

Benching will be as follows:
Friday from 13:00hrs until 19:30hrs


The North East Koi Club (B.K.K.S) accepts Koi into their show on behalf of the entrant, and whilst every care and precaution will be taken
towards all Koi entered, this society cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to Koi entered. No Koi shall be removed until the
time decided for de-benching, unless there is a problem with a particular fish / vat or permission has been given from the Show Chairman.
In case of any emergencies your telephone number will be listed on the reverse side of the vat board. 

Each exhibitor will be able to inspect their own water testing sheets if they so wish.

Show Exhibitors Rules:

1.  The Committee reserves the right to refuse booking or entry to the show without explanation. 
2.  All fish exhibited in the show are done so at the owner’s risk.
3.  All fish MUST be double bagged with oxygen and boxed arriving at the show and departing the show.
4.  No additives are permitted to be added to any vats unless agreed by the Show Chairman and appropriate member of the water
management team.
5.  No food is to be placed in the vats.
6.  The decision of the benching team will be final.
7.  Anyone attempting to influence the decision of the judges will be asked to leave the showground. All judge’s decisions are final.
8.  The NEKC will not be held responsible for any accidents or incidents that occur to vehicles or property within the show grounds. 
The cost of any damage found to have been caused by anyone ignoring this rule will be borne by the member or entrant responsible.
9.  It is recommended that your fish are not fed for 7 days prior to the show. This will assist to maintain good water quality for your fish
for the duration of the show.
10. All exhibitors must vacate the show arena by 18:00pm on the Saturday of the show unless prior authorization has been given by the
Show Chairman.




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